Eduka's World
Eduka's World is an app that helps kids learn English playfully.
November 2019
Who's it for
Kids ages three to ten - both native and non-native speakers. Through the concept of immersion and emotion, children will learn English effortlessly.
Eduka’s World, English for kids, is a fun and safe learning experience that will allow your child to learn English while going on an educational adventure with our characters Ed, U and Ka. Children learn through emotion. That’s why we packed educational content into an immersive story. Our English learning app is for kids ages 3-10 years old, concentrating on proper English pronunciation, grammar, writing, correct spelling and much more. 

Eduka’s World is and always will be ad-free, so your child can play and learn in a safe learning environment. Our fun-loving characters, ED, U and Ka, will join your child on their English learning adventure. The mean fox will try and stop them, but as your child continues on their journey, Animal Island will become safe from the mean fox!

Eduka’s World gives your child access to a variety of educational games, songs, activities and much more. Our content is of the highest standard and scientifically sound. Eduka’s World uses natural, subconscious learning through immersion, the effects of which have been supported by numerous scientific studies.
Try it yourself.
Get a feel for the kind of educational experiences we develop for kids — and fall in love with our characters.
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